What is ChemE?

ChemE is an abbreviation for chemical engineering. This is a discipline that applies physics, chemistry, mathematics, and economics to optimize the use of materials and energy in production companies.

But it’s not all about chemicals. Chemical engineers can also work for non-chemical companies like food producers, construction, and recruitment businesses.


ChemE blog - engineering meeting

What is ChemE blog about?

I will start writing informational posts about physical transport phenomena (transfer of heat, mass, and momentum), but future posts will also include topics like chemical reactors, filtration, distillation, mathematics, and more.

Can you see the transfer of heat and mass in the picture below?


ChemE blog - tea as heat and mass transfer

Who is the intended audience?

You are the intended audience

if you are interested in improving your knowledge in chemical engineering.

The amount of theory in the posts of a specific category will increase steadily over time – this is called non steady state – so people who are new to the specific subject can also learn from it. The category prerequisites will cover any required background knowledge.

However, these topics are also related to other disciplines.

Other engineering fields like mechanical engineering for example also covers (parts) of these subjects.

If so, feel free to share your experiences in the comment section of the blog post.

Why do we need this knowledge?

We all know climate is changing. The amount of CO2 in the air is increasing, weather is becoming more extreme and a shortage of raw materials is imminent.

The production industry will undergo a lot of changes in the decade to come. The world needs highly skilled engineers to offer solutions for the arising problems.

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ChemE blog - climate change

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